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Haglofs LIM Proof Jacket Review

Posted by Alex GT on

The following review is a 4 minute read.

First of all I'd like to say I was skeptical about 2.5 layer fabrics. "Was" being the key word. Here's my honest review.

For reference, my helmet compatible full protection jacket is 3 layer but more than double the size and weight. Its certainly refreshing to have the LIM Proof in my pack even as a "just incase" jacket with very little compromise.


The elasticated hem at the bottom of the LIM proof jacket is just what the doctor ordered, not so elasticated it rides up but snug enough to keep a breeze out and plenty of bum coverage. I would have liked to see an adjustable cuff to minimise the drips down my arm whilst belaying, but this issue doesn't apply to most other uses. The zip has a storm flap behind it for extra protection.

For me the hood in any jacket is the most important part, it provides protection in the worst weather.


I was pleasantly surprised by how Haglofs have utterly perfected the hood design for a lightweight jacket, previously I have only been content with wire peaked hoods and plenty of adjustment. Although this hood has no adjustment or wire peak there is no compromise due to the well placed elastic. This brings us nicely onto fit...

I am 173cm tall and usually a small or medium, the medium fits me nicely.

The fit, including that of the hood, allows a great range of movement which you can see below would be appropriate for most activities.

The LIM proof does not rise up very much at all and the cuff doesn't fly down your arm. You can also turn your head without finding yourself looking at the inside of the hood as it follows where you look.

I would like to see a raglan cut sleeve as the arms are a little baggy, the trade off here is that the LIM Proof allows layering nicely including the arms which are often a squeeze in raglan sleeves.

The pocket's placement is not obstructed by a harness or rucksack hip belt and fits a standard OS map awkwardly, better fit could be achieved my removing the card outer cover. I don't miss having more pockets. Maps are not very breathable and take up a large part of your body if you put it in your pocket so its best stashed in your bag anyway.


The LIM proof jacket is made entirely by single stitching, this matches the super light face fabric and the 2.5 layer material choice. The hood peak is stiffened but is very light and perfectly packable. The quality is great throughout, as I have also found from other Haglofs products. I've no doubt the eye wateringly light weight LIM proof jacket will stand up to appropriate abuse.

Pictured below is a standard Explorer OS map to compare the sunburnt orange of the coat (also available in navy blue) Also shown in the image; extra protection added by the storm flap and the excellently executed seam tape.


Overall, the haglofs LIM proof jacket is superbly lightweight and impressively functional. The hood is its best point and the reflective arm strips and logo are a nice touch.