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Haglofs Chalk Pant Review

Posted by Maciek on

It’s Maciek again, hello.

Earlier this year I acquired a pair of haglofs chalk pants from Gearpest on a good deal with a promise to post a review on the gear. Since I normally don’t make binding statements after one use it took number of escapades to appreciate the features and usefulness of these pants.

Haglofs Chalk Pants were designed with rock climbing in mind. That means full freedom in all kinds of stretched positions and minimalisticity (is this the word?) of features. I’ve been using them for Munro walking.

The pants are constructed from a relatively thin and very stretchy Haglofs’ Flexable softshell. Lots of stretch and no weight i.e. feels like close-to-skin tights and not-wearing-them. It’s not water resistant but it dries in seconds after being tested in a wet mist on the hill. It will also let you survive a downpour after it's stopped and you've kept moving. The elasticated and adjustable waist system keeps them where you want them to be with controlled pressure on your core. Unless you have some heavy items in the pockets which would start to strip them off you. The pants are not warm which I find beneficial by giving me a soothing cooling effect on my leg muscles. They may have a seasonal use built-in but still quite versatile for Scotland.

The pants have 2 front + 1 rump pockets for your convenience. I only use them for handwarming (and midges).

The verdict: for me 3 season all activity pant – walking, hillwalking, climbing, MTB, travel and many more.