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Who are we and what is a Gear Pest?

None of us really know who first came up with the name Gear Pest. All we know is that it was a term of endearment that a bunch of us working in the outdoor industry used to describe the most passionate, enthusiastic and occasionally a little obsessive customers who came to the shops we worked in.  
Like most outdoors enthusiasts the Gear Pest typically spends most of his or her day longing for the life adventurous and their next hit of al fresco fun. Specifically they also obsess about the kit that they take along to make life that little bit easier, safer, fun or more comfortable. So having identified our favourite Gear Pests we also noticed that their behavior evolved in a rather familiar manner. 
Their first shop purchase was invariably followed by a follow-up visit to say how they got on with their new kit. Then gradually shop visits would become more frequent but not to buy, but to discuss all things outdoors from the forthcoming seasons to the latest heroic tales from the world of extreme sports. Before long the Gear Pests became not so much our customers but more mates that spent time hanging out in the shop. Eventually we invited the Gear Pests along on a trip or expedition with our other outdoor friends and before you know it they’d become part of the team.

But that’s when the penny dropped, that’s when we realized why we liked them so much; we recognised, we empathized and we understood the obsession; And the reason …well because of course we are Gear Pests too. started off life as product review blog that a group of us Gear Pests put together to review all kinds of kit and clothing; but the discussions and debates that came from the site, helped inspire us to develop further. 
To explain, one topic that often came up was why many outdoor kit websites that we had bought from never quite delivered the same service that you receive from your favourite independent outdoor retailer. Well we think there’s absolutely no reason that this should be the case and it’s why the blog has evolved to be the outdoor specialist site.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality and specification of outdoor kit, at competitive prices, but with the best possible service and we want our customers to enjoy the convenience of online shopping without sacrificing the advice, help, education and knowledge that you’d expect from a great retailer.

So if there’s anything you think we could be doing better, or a product or a service you’d like to see on our site, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or better still call for a chat on 01224 481 441.

Angus MacPherson and Ian Morrison 
Co Founders and original Gear Pests
Team Gear Pest: Gus, Ian and Andy
Gear Pest, 29 Hilton Street, Aberdeen, AB24 4QT
VAT registration number 163 3676 96
Company registration number 8700967