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Mountain King Trail Blaze Poles


The Trail Blaze is a joy to use; That rare combination of simplicity and functionality that "just works". This 4 Section high performance aluminium alloy trail pole is super compact when colapsed so you can pack it away inside even a small rucksack. This is especialy great for climbing trips where your pack should be as clutter free as possible. The Trail Blaze has other advantages over a traditional telescopic pole too - no more stuck sections or fiddly locking mechanisms The poles were designed with ultra runners in mind but quite frankly at these weights we see no reason all mountain goers shouldn't get the benefits. We have a review of a similar product (Z-POLE) over here on our blog as well as some general thoughts on trekking pole use.


  • Carbide wear tip
  • Wrist strap
  • Airflow grip
  • Trekking baskets
  • Mesh bag
  • Length 110 cm, Weight 115 grams per pole
  • Length 115 cm, Weight 120 grams per pole
  • Length 120 cm, Weight 125 grams per pole
  • Length 125 cm, Weight 130 grams per pole
  • Length 130 cm, Weight 135 grams per pole